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LEXUS: Augmented Reality

The Lexus NX Augmented Reality Application

A Worldwide Award Winning APP

Lexus NX Augmented Reality application presents the whole new NX luxury compact crossover,

in a striking experience, as you can learn, discover and explore more about the new NX features.

With Lexus NX Augmented Reality application, everywhere is a Lexus NX showroom, using this application will let you view

the whole new NX’s exterior and interior in details & High quality. You can also see the new NX’s engine, interact with the NX on many different levels,

i.e switch the head and tail lights on and off, open the NX’s hood, doors, you can even change the NX colour and many more.

The application offers a 360-panoramic view to the NX’s interior.


Technical development by our affiliated partner Hive



July 23, 2016