Coca Cola® Middle East – Schweppes +C

The Talking Leopard - Product Launch

Launching Schweppes +C digitally in an innovative approach that stands out was challenging enough, the client’s brief was to create a unique digital one-to-one digital activation concept that stands out.
Going through an extensive research and brainstorming phases, we successfully came up with a mixed reality solution.

Imagine if you’re passing by a street ad for Schweppes with its famous leopard in it, and suddenly the leopard starts talking to you!  That was the whole IDEA! A talking Leopard.

Out Loud Media was the first digital marketing agency in Dubai & the Middle East to launch a digital campaign utilizing such a technology mix… Partnering with Hollywood top facial detection technology companies, and state of the art motion sensors, we were able to engage the audience in an unforgettable conversation.  The event took place in UAE, Dubai – City Walk.


  • 3D Animation
  • Content Creation
  • Digital innovation




  • Media Agency: UM Mena
  • In collaboration with: Hive

Watch The Experience

Watch The Leopard Creation Breakdown